There is a certain appeal about large windows. They can brighten a room while adding an amazing aesthetic appeal. But dressing large windows can be a challenge given their bulky size, heavy weight and excessive fabric requirements.

But you can highlight your large window while increasing privacy with the right window blinds. Use this guideline to help you choose the best blinds for large windows.

Vertical Blinds

Running from ceiling to floor is the option of vertical blinds. Not only are they easier to maneuver than the often smaller-sized horizontal blinds, but can actually work to reduce the temperature exchange that occurs as a result of heat transference.

Vertical blinds come in many styles, including plastic, fabric, metal, wood and faux wood finishes. Thanks to these many styles and materials, you are sure to find a set of vertical blinds to match your décor.

Panel Track Blinds

Panel Tracks are a larger version of the classic vertical blind. Based on Japanese Contemporary design, these blinds create a cohesive appearance with minimal effort. These blinds also come in a wide variety of styles including woven wood and elaborate fabrics. Conserve even more energy by using solar panel track blinds, instead.

Multiple Blinds On One Hearrail

These blinds are a cousin of traditional horizontal blinds. They can come in two-in-one or three-in-one sets which indicate the number of separate blinds in each headrail.

Unlike traditional horizontal blinds which cannot be stretched over long spaces due to weight issues, these headrail blinds come as a singular unit controllable by different cords. This allows for smooth operation of either the whole piece or separate parts depending on your needs.

After choosing the best blinds for large windows in your home, you can focus on drapes. Because of the function of the blinds, you won’t need to purchase custom drapes to fit your over-sized or picture window. Simply choose a style and color to match the accessories of the room, then hang on a rail in front of your blinds. By doing so, you will add customized color, texture and style to the room.

Dressing your windows means more than picking out nice curtains. If you want to highlight your over-sized window without compromising your privacy, consider the purchase of a new set of blinds designed specifically for large windows. When deciding on the right blinds for large windows, you can choose from vertical, panel track or headrail blinds for easy operation and contemporary style. Because a picture window is only a luxury when you can decide how much you want to show.

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