Hard vs. Soft Window Treatments – How Do I Choose?

What’s the right Window Treatment for your home? A soft window treatments like Curtains or Draperies? Or would Blinds, Shades or Shutters – commonly called hard window treatments – be best for you and your budget? A lot depends on what you see from your windows. Do you want to highlight your view or hide what you see. Energy efficiency, durability, light control and privacy are also things to consider. Here’s a guide to help you weigh the pros and cons of each type in order to decide what best meets your needs.

Hard Window Coverings vs Soft Window Coverings

There are beautiful colors, designs, and materials to choose from in both categories, but the bottom line is this: Curtains do attract dust and dirt and long after curtains or drapes have begun to fall apart, some of the hard window coverings – particularly Shutters and a few types of blinds – will still look like new.

There are times that drapes do become a good companion when paired with another window treatment such as a timeless wood blind, an insulating cellular shade, or a stained or painted wood shutter. A drapery rod or track for curtains can be installed on the wall or on the ceiling, depending on what other kind of window treatment you are pairing them with. With proper care, most curtains can be expected to last six to eight years, while the right Shutters for example are a permanent fixture for your home and will actually last for decades, as long as you own your home and beyond.