In the past few years faux wood blinds has gained a lot of attention and popularity. The reason behind it becoming so popular is because of its’ wood look, color/options and price point. These blinds are also easy to operate and easy to clean. Below are some of the reasons why we love faux wood blinds and why you should too.


1. Alternative/Faux wood blinds 

Alternate wood blinds also known as faux wood and composite wood blinds are made of vinyl/PVC material that is compressed together to form a wood look. Some manufacturers have used a mixture of composite wood and PVC to make a more elegant and sturdy blind. One of the reasons why we are excited about this product is the lack of distinction between the wood blinds and the faux wood blinds.


2. Color and Options

Another reason why this blind is one of our favorites is the many color and hardware options. Faux Wood blinds come in a variety of color choices such as white, browns and dark browns. Additionally, you have the option to have the blinds made route less (without the route holes), which will provide additional privacy. A decorative cloth tape can be added to offer a great compliment. If you are concern about your children or pets safety consider having cordless operation system.


3. Price Point

Everyone loves to save money and we understand that. Hence this is another reason why we consider faux wood blinds to be a great option. There are several factors that help to determine the price of a custom faux wood blinds such as window size, number of windows etc.  Another determining factor is the brand or manufacturer; some brands pay more attention to details and offer subtle changes that can drive the cost up. Despite all these factors faux wood blinds are still considered one of the more budget friendly products in the window covering industry.


4. Easy to operate and clean

Faux wood blinds are one of the easiest window treatments to operate. The standard lift cord allows for easy access to windows for cleaning.  It also provides the option to let light inside without giving up on privacy. In addition to having a smooth operation, alternate blinds are easy to clean. The blinds can be clean with a Swiffer duster, damp cloth or vacuum attachment such as the natural dusting brush. Another great reason to love this product is it takes less time to operate and less time to clean.


So when considering alternate wood blinds keep these simply but important factors in mind. The faux wood blind offers the distinct feature of a sturdy blind with the same look as a natural wood blind but at a lower cost. There are several color options to choose from for any budget. Also faux wood blinds are easy to operate and clean. The blinds also functions well in any space.

Qustion: Would you consider faux wood blinds on your next design ?


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