Custom Window Blinds

Window blinds let you control the light that enters your home, and they do so much more. They also help you control the temperature and privacy of your home, giving you peace-of-mind that your home is being taken care of. Blinds are more essential than many people even realize and truly are the solution to many of your window treatment needs. Plus, being able to customize these blinds will keep your rooms protected without compromising on looks. We provide affordable window blinds that make your life both safer and more beautiful. If you are in the Killeen, Texas area, we at Affordable Blinds can help find the perfect blinds for you.


Hunter Douglas Parkland® window blinds wood blinds aluminum blinds custom blinds — Killeen, Texas (TX)

Rich Look

Our Hunter Douglas Parkland® Wood Blinds provide a natural, beautiful appearance in the home. Being made of real wood, these window blinds look gorgeous no matter what room they are in. The rich wood creates a gorgeous accent in your home especially with the large color collection that is available. Choose any wood stain or solid paint color to match your existing interior designs. Plus, add decorative tapes for a special accent.

Real Wood

We care about the environment, so we only harvest our wood from responsibly managed forests. The real wood makes our window blinds stunning, and they are built to last. Even more, the advanced finishing technology means that these wood blinds have ultimate protection.

Light Control

The slats on these window blinds allow you to control the amount of light that enters your rooms. You get ultimate control of your privacy this way. If you want a complete blackout, our de-Light™ feature makes for a complete room-darkening effect, leaving no holes for unwanted light to beam through.


Hunter Douglas Everwood® Alternative wood blinds window blinds aluminum blinds custom blinds — Killeen, Texas

Long Lasting

Our Everwood® Alternative Wood Blinds are made of materials that stand the test of time. They withstand various levels of humidity and exposure, making them the best long-lasting faux wood blinds on the market.

Stylish Look

These window blinds are finished with either TruGrain® finishes or a variety of other beautiful finishes, and they can also be created as a solid, neutral color as well. These blinds have realistic textures without usual maintenance. Add a decorative tape for even more style!

Light Management

The wonderful trait about these window blinds is how you can open the blinds without actually raising them by using the view-through feature. By rotating the slats, you can get a view of the outside while getting to leave the blinds down. Then, if you want the room darkening feature, you simply close our blinds and the de-Light™ functionality blocks out 50% more light than other wood blinds.


Hunter Douglas Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds wood blinds custom blinds — Killeen, Texas

Sleek Look

The Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds are as sleek as window treatments come. They have a variety of finishes available including mattes, metallics, and softer hues. They also come in many different slat sizes as well, and they are available in every color.

Ultimate Durability

These metal blinds are the most durable on the market. Many window blinds may fade, chip, or break over time, but not these blinds. They maintain their shape, even in high-traffic areas of the home.

View Options

Along with our standard de-Light™ room darkening functionality, these window blinds also come with a MagnaView® feature, which doubles the view-through of traditional blinds of this material. And if you don’t enjoy manually opening your blinds, be sure to check out our Motorization options for convenient use of your window treatments.


Norman Smart Privacy window blinds wood blinds aluminum blinds custom blinds — Killeen, Texas (TX)

Extra Privacy

Norman also has incredible window blind options, including their SmartPrivacy® Faux Wood Blinds. These blinds provide extra privacy because there is no light that leaks through these premium blinds. They have tight closure and are safe to have in the home because of their cordless lift, instant lock system, and valence-free headrail.

Ultimate materials

These window blinds are made of legendary materials. The faux wood blinds are lead-free and are safe for in-home use, and they are extremely stylish and will be a great addition to your interiors. The materials withstand hot and moist temperatures.

Large color options

The window blinds have a large array of colors to choose from, so you can get your blinds exactly the way you want them. There are grain embossed slats, solid colors, and beautiful patterns to choose from.


Norman SmartPrivacy® Normandy® Wood Blinds aluminum blinds custom blinds — Killeen, Texas (TX)

Elegant Look

True elegance is found with Normandy® Wood Blinds. The grain patterns are made from 100% premium wood that are sawn in quarters, creating refined slats that are turned into unique window blinds.

Fine Construction

The OSMO finish option magnifies the wood’s natural graining, and it is also an eco-friendly finish that is good for the environment. These window blinds are absolutely stunning with this finish on it, and it is a customer favorite. The bottom rail cap is also a bonus, keeping your windowsills protected.

Ultimate Concealment

SmartPrivacy® blinds are known for their ultimate privacy. We want to keep you and your family safe, which is why we only offer the best products at Affordable Blinds. They are used with a cordless system and are cut from a quartered log, giving you the best and safest window blinds possible.



Norman CityLights window blinds wood blinds aluminum blinds custom blinds — Killeen, Texas (TX)

CityLights™ Aluminum Blinds will blow all your window treatment expectations out of the water. Their advanced finish technology means that dust and static are things of the past. The incredible color options means that you can make these blinds look exactly the way you want, and with the modern headrail available, your window blinds are sure to be sleek and stunning.

Privacy First

For ultimate privacy, our privacy slats conceal more light than ever. They are designed to keep light out when needed, and your belongings inside are protected from the harm that UV rays can cause. The blinds also have an Insta-Lock® feature, so they stay in place.


The best part about our blinds is the ability to customize to your heart’s content. The colors, sizes, finishes, and other special options can be customized to your liking, so you completely fall in love with your window blinds.

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